American Made

With Natural & Organic Ingredients Right Here

In The 

Heart of the South

 Blue Ridge

 Beard Balm


Welcome to the Blue Ridge Beard Balm Company.  Our company founder William "Will" Smith, began BRBBC in 2012.  Will was in search of a better product to care of his beard and the skin beneath it. 

 Riding his motorcycle through the Blue Ridge Mountains left the skin on his face chapped, dry and wind burnt.  It also left his beard dry, frizzy and overall unhealthy.

 Will tried several  beard care products on the market and felt dissatisfied. His criteria for the perfect beard care product was #1 All natural ingredients that would moisturize/condition.  #2 Made in the American South.  #3 Affordable to the blue collar American.

So, Will started researching and testing out different all natural products and organic ingredients until he felt that he had created the perfect formula that would moisturize, nourish, condition, cleanse, and tame a man’s beard for hours.  Will's formula gave his beard a luxurious healthy sheen with a pleasant but not overbearing aroma. 

 Three years of hard work paid off and the Blue Ridge Beard Balm Company was born.  We offer a true blue product the you can believe in. Beard Balm and Beard Oil for our bearded brothers and hand and body salve for men and women.

 We look forward to you enjoying our products and we thank you for your support.​

Love the product, love the retro vintage logo. Highly recommend! The peppermint/lavender Hand Salve is fantastic.

Lorraine F.‎  - November 9, 2015 

"By far the best hand and beard balm around! I don't use any other lotion anymore. Get yours today"!

Lacey B.

​"This is Hands Down the BEST Beard Balm and Oil on the Market". MY Beard Has NEVER been so soft and shiny and smelled so great"!!

David H.